Friday, November 16, 2012

"H" is for....

Day 8 of GreaThings, a day late. Some days this college student just doesn't reach around.

As I continue to pass the days, whether at work, at school, at home, at church, the thought is always in my mind of heaven. At times when the nature around me seems so beautiful, I just stop and wonder and imagine how much more beautiful heaven is. The beauty around us cannot even begin to emphasize the beauty that awaits. 

When I think of heaven, it thrills me to think that some day, I will be home eternally. The song below, sung by The Esh Family, often comes to mind when I think of Heaven and the Eternal Home that awaits me and all the others that are fully surrendered to Christ and His commandments.

The thought of seeing my Lord, with the nail-scarred hands, who die so that I might live. The thought of that just overwhelms me and fills me with a desire to be wholly committed to Him. I also think of all the Christians that have gone before and the glory of being gathered together around the throne, praising our Lord. 

Heaven...Oh, it makes me feel like traveling!

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