Thursday, May 26, 2011

#38 Moving Day, Zoo

Greetings to all of you in the name of our Precious Lord and Saviour. I pray that this finds you all doing well and serving our Lord with all your mind, soul, and body.
052611 update-4
    Each week continues to bring something new and leaves many memories behind when the week has closed. One of those memories was making a new friend. I had to come the whole way to Nicaragua just to meet a young lady, Hannah Stauffer (pictured bottom right with her father Glenn), who lives only a couple minutes from my house on Hopeland Road. And to add to that is that my dad knows her dad and has worked with him on jobs. We live in such a small world! Another happening that gave us some laughs was a truck that left us set along the road...Ooops! One Sunday afternoon we were headed to Leon for an afternoon/evening at the beach when we found ourselves stranded by the road. The empty gas tank! The gas gauge on the white truck has not worked for a while, so we had no way of knowing that we were running on “E.” We were not far out of Leon, so Richard came with the other truck and pulled us to the closest gas station (pictured top left). We arrived on the beach a little later than planned, but we were able to enjoy the water. It was such a beautiful afternoon and the water was the calmest that I have seen in a long time. Hans was a little cold after getting out of the water, as you can see, but he was enjoying the water as well. After he was all dried off, he soon got wet again. He just couldn’t seem to stay away. To finish off the evening, we made a campfire on the beach and roasted some wonderfully, scrumptious sausages that the Ephrata Menn Seniors brought along. The final touch of the evening was some songs sung by a quartet made up of the 3 senior guys and Daryl Weaver – a teacher. It was a wonderful end to a great day. The quartet also blessed the children’s class with some songs that they learned in Spanish.
052611 update-2
    Once again, here are some more pictures of the continuous work at Randy & Laura’s house. However, as usual till I send the pictures the house does look quite different. Some of her kitchen cabinets are now on the wall. The top picture was of one of the first cabinets to be mounted on the wall. In the bottom left, Benito is laying the shower tile. The shower is now completely finished, however the water pressure isn’t the best, so hopefully in a couple weeks they well get that taken care of. One afternoon and evening, I went out to the house to help Laura finish up the painting in their bedroom and the kitchen. We finished up around 9:00-9:30 and  then got the house partially set-up so they could stay there that night.
052611 update-3
    As you can see above, it was moving day. Randy & Laura were able to move into their house on Friday. Praise the Lord - the rains didn’t provide too much of a problem and they were able to get the majority of their things moved to the house. They still have several things here in my house that they will move once they have more cupboard space, but they have the necessities in their new house.On the one trip to the house I was on the back of the truck holding a rope attached to Ranchita – the dog, so  she wouldn’t try to jump off the truck and run back to the house. They kept her tied for several days and then they left her loose. She stayed around at their new house until the other day when we were all went to Managua. We returned to the El Tererro house to find that Ranchita waiting for us. She apparently ran home sometime during that day. Smile However we didn’t have such success with the cat. He jumped out the truck window as we drove down the road.
    To add to everything, Laura was making lunch for the men last Saturday and cut her finger while chopping carrots. I was in LP at the time having girls’ class, when Randy came to get me to watch the boys so he could taking her to the clinic in Malpaisillo. The poor little boys set up a wailing when their parents left, but they soon calmed down and I finished the lunch and got them down for naps. I then set to organizing and cleaning up the house. The boys were still asleep when Randy & Laura got back at 2:00. They put 3 stitches in  her finger, gave her a tetanus shot, and some oral antibiotics.
052611 update
    At first, it seemed a little strange to have so many children around here in El Tererro, but now it seems like a “new” normal. One day this week, I had the pleasure of a young girl’s (Megan) help to clean my house and get it re-organized, since Randy’s moved to their new house. It is always so much more fun when you have someone to help you with it. I still can’t figure out how a house can get so dirty with one person, though it has started raining so there isn’t so much dust anymore. Little Eva kept me company one morning while her parents were in language class. I was typing some emails and she was sitting on the flour talking to me and playing with her stickers. Baby Owen has a cold, but he is such a happy camper after a long nap. He lays there smiling at everything and cooing. It amazing how much he has been growing since they have come. Babies just don’t stay little Smile And then Riley, Nick, and Hans – a naughty combination. What one doesn’t think of, the other one will. And I have never seen such dirty little boys – they have so much fun and they are so forgiving. One moment they can be so mad at the other one and the next they have totally forgotten what just happened.
052611 update-1
    On Tuesday Randy’s and Keith’s decided to take the day off and go to Managua. The first stop of the day was the Zoo. I am so much a child at heart – it was so much fun to be there and see all the animals. Just seeing all the animals just reminds of the Creative God that we serve – the brightly colored birds, the elegant peacock, the spotted leopards, the striped anteaters. There is so much beauty around us, but it doesn’t even compare closely to the beauty that will surround us in Heaven. The children all enjoyed the animals as well. We had lunch at Papa John’s before heading to the Masaya marketplace to do some hammock shopping. It was a great day, but everyone was ready to get home.
    On the church end, there are encouragements and disappointments as always. On Wednesday night, we had a full church – an attendance of 60 adults and children with 45 of them being natives. I had prepared for 20 children and till all was said and done, there was 19 children in the class. There were some children there that had not been to church in a long time. It was a blessing to see them all again and to spend time with them. I always enjoy teaching so much more when there is more, even though they can get pretty rowdy at times. Smile 
    Johana was at church on Wednesday night as well. We need to continue lifting her to the throne of grace. She came to church with her veil on, which took us all by surprise because it is the first we have seen her with it on since she had taken it off and had stopped  coming to church a while back. However she is not wearing it in the house and throughout the week. She said that she doesn’t need to wear when she is in the house. It is only when she goes to special services, such as a church service. She is so deceived and still thinks that she is not living in sin. She has told us that she has repented and wants to do the things of God. Please pray for her that she would sense her need to submit to the Lord in all areas of her life and  that she would realize that it needs to be a total commitment.
    Thank you for all your prayers! I would love to hear from some of you again!
Committed to His Service, Andrea

Thursday, May 12, 2011

#37: Rain

For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:
So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void,
but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. 
Isaiah 55:10-11
    These verses came to my mind last night as I watched the dark clouds form and it started to rain. The parched ground just seemed to open and willingly, eagerly receive the soft, gentle rain. As I pondered the thought, I thought of the task the Lord has place before us “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” Matt 28:19. We, as believers are called to teach and live God’s Word, and in a sense our witness is the soft, gentle rain to a dry, parched soul in need of a refreshing drink – God’s Word. I want to leave that as a challenge to each of you – Spread some of God’s rain today!
051011 Update
    After spending 2 weeks visiting my family and friends in PA, it was time to come back to Nicaragua. I enjoyed my time but I was also anxious to come back and get back into the grind here. On May 3rd, it was time to return and my father took me to meet Keith & Christine Nolt and their family on Linden Grove Road. Keith & Christine were also flying to Nicaragua that day as well and I flew with them. Keith & Christine have 4 children: Megan-8, Riley-5, Ava-2, and Owen-7 weeks. We flew out of BWI at 11:45. The children all did very well on the flights. One of them did get a little sick on the last flight, but all in all they did great. I was impressed on how well they all did. We were all so ready to get away from airports and airplanes. It was so great to arrive to my home here in Nicaragua.
    Please pray for Keith & Christine and their family as they adjust to life here in Nicaragua. They have already got a “good” taste of life without electricity. The electric went out around 9:00 Tuesday night and didn’t return till 4:30 Wednesday morning. It was hot and humid and hardly anyone got sleep. Some of the native neighbors also said they were unable to sleep, because of the heat. Keith & Christine have started with language school this week. They are studying here in the house and at the current time, Jason is their teacher. While they are studying in the morning, I have the pleasure of baby-sitting the children. I am enjoying baby-sitting them – it has been great.
05 May 2011
    Randy & Laura’s little boys had great fun spending time with Keith & Christine’s children. One of the first nights they were here the boys came inside covered in dust and dirt from head to toe. In the picture above, from left to right: Megan, Riley & Nick, Ava, and Riley & Nick again, but all dirty. I think the children might go through withdrawal after they are separated when Randy’s move to their new house.
051011 Update-1
    Little by little, inch by inch the work at Randy’s house is coming along. They have several walls painted in each of the rooms. They painted the boys’ room blue. The kitchen is beige with the one wall being a green. Keith made the cabinets for the kitchen. Laura and I spent a morning sanding down the cabinets and preparing them for painting. At the current time, they are working on the bathroom. They need to clean out the well, as a cat fell into the well. Please pray for Randy & Laura as they continue to work on the house and for strength as they make the move to their new house and get adjusted to the newness.
    It has been great to be back and to get into the grind once again. It was great to see everyone again and to spend time with my friends in La Palmerita. I had an enjoyable time with the each of the ladies on Tuesday and I am looking forward to my girls’ class on Saturday. Please pray for us as we continue to work with each of the people here in El Terrero and La Palmerita.
Have a great week!