Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#43 ¡Adiós! El Terrero

afar off
    "These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth."Hebrews 11:13

As I think back over the last 2 years, the above verse came to my mind. We are constantly reminded that we are strangers and pilgrims here in this earth. The "strangers & pilgrims" concept has become clearer in my mind as I spent the last 2 years here in Nicaragua. When I arrived, I felt very much like a stranger - as time moved along, I soon felt more comfortable here, but as I now look at the past 2 years, I once again remember that I am just passing through. The 2 years that I have spent here are full of so many wonderful memories and many stretching, growing experiences. I thank the Lord for the opportunity that I had to serve Him here.
coffee shop
In the last couple weeks, I have been saying so many good-byes and trying to spend "precious memories" with all my friends. One of the hardest thing for me was to say "good-bye" to all the friends that I met over the past years.  One afternoon the 3 young ladies (Lanita, Carmen, Krista) that have arrived to fill the positions here in Nicaragua went out with me to Café Rosita. It was great to spend time with them and to connect with them. I wish them the Lord´s blessing as they serve Him here in Nicaragua.
soup supper
(Laura, Doña Enma, Sindy, Jesenia, Jorlenis,Christine, Megan & myself - along with the little boy)
Laura decided to invite one of the ladies from La Palmerita along with her daughters out to her house for supper one night. We decided to do a "soup & salad" supper. I attempted to make bread bowls for the soup. They didn't turn out too bad, considering that it was a "first" for me. It was a great experience for them, as well as for us. It was also a great way to spend time with them and make memories.
chicken lunch
Then about a week later, Enma invited us all out to her house for lunch. She served us large plates of chicken soup. It was so good and we all had a wonderful time.
Last week we planned a "farewell" party out at the church and invited the ladies and children to come out on Tuesday afternoon. We did some singing and I shared a short devotional - another "first". Afterward Laura and Christine took care of the children's activities. They had a large ice chest of water balloons that all the children just loved. They then played soccer and kickball. Krista and Lanita helped me sew together a bunch of simple purses. We gave them a small piece of fabric of a contrasting color and allowed them to sew these scraps on the purse. The ladies all seemed to enjoy it and it was wonderful to spend time with each of these ladies.
As I spent time with all my friends and started saying "good-byes" it didn't seem like reality. As last week continued to draw to a close, reality starting sinking in. However there were a couple more "firsts" that the came into my life.
I got the privilege to kill several tarantulas- Keith killed the one on the porch and I killed 2 that came marching into my house like they owned it.

On Monday as I was preparing to leave, one of the neighbors arrived and wondered if someone would be able to go La Paz Centro - a town about 40 minutes away. Keith wasn't able to go, as he had twisted his ankle yesterday, so I said I could do the run. The neighbor hadn't told me what I needed to do, but we headed out.  We went through La Paz and about 10 minutes out of the town, I realized what I was getting in for. The neighbor's Jeep left him set and he needed someone to pull him home. Not only did we have to pull the Jeep, but also the trailer that had a large bull on it. Talk about having a "stretching" experience. I had never before pulled a vehicle, but I guess sometime needed to be the "first". I was never so glad to see my home, but I was grateful to have Ramon in the truck with me to tell me when to shift down and such things...that needed to be taken into consideration when pulling a vehicle.
clinic visit
Little Owen getting weighed at the clinic.

Little boy with a "big" lunch

Lanita with "Beulah", giving Ava a ride.

I want to take this time to thank each of you all for your prayers as I served the Lord here in Nicaragua in the last 2 years. Without your prayers, the work here would have seen so much harder. May God richly bless you all for your encouragement to me and the work here. Please continue to lift the work here in Nicaragua to the throne of grace.

Lord willing, I will be flying out of Managua at 1:00pm and arriving at BWI at 11:40pm.

Thank you once again! Andrea

PS. I will continue to send small updates once I return to PA. If you would like to stay on my email list, please let me know. Thank you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

#42 When life gives you mud puddles....


 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing,
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

As I looked at this verse and did a little background study on it, Isaiah is talking to the Jews concerning their captivity in Babylon. However if we take this verse to another aspect, we could compare it to the feelings and relief that wash over a soul that has made a commitment to our Lord. They have been freed from their "bondage" of sin. They can go out with joy and a feeling of peace, being relieved of their baggage of sin and having their life cleansed with the blood of Jesus Christ. May your lives be filled with the joy and peace that only comes from a life cleansed in the blood of our precious Savior.
Albert y Miriam
We have just come through several days of revival meetings and I have been blessed and challenged by the messages. The first couple nights I didn't get too much out of the message due to trying to keep rowdy children sitting quietly. Albert & Miriam Struhbar and their family, as well as Miriam's sister Johana came to share the Word with us. Albert & Miriam are from Kusilí, Nicaragua. Kusili is beyond Waslala. It was a blessing to spend time with another Christian family and fellowship together. It definitely was a good experience for some of us women, as Miriam only speaks Spanish. But it was good for us and I even learned some new words :) The attendance was pretty good each night and someone new showed up almost every night.
*Playing Golf with the neighbor girls

*My mud-splattered friends and I

The picture above has quite the story! I decided to do something special for the young girls from my girls' class, so we invited them out to the "farm" for a sleepover. We decided to do it this past Friday night, as the guys had went camping. I told them I would come pick them up around 5:30pm and take them back to the house. I went out to LP to pick each of them up. It had been raining most of the afternoon and I was kinda worried about getting into LP. I couldn't figure out how to lock in the hubs, but the road didn't seem bad when I entered LP, so I wasn't too worried anymore. I picked up all the girls and headed back out the way I had come. To make a long story short, we arrived at the mud hole I feared the worst and as we entered the truck so nicely slid to the side and got stuck ;( The girls all jumped out and said they would push. They pushed me front...they pushed me back....front....back....front....back... We thought we were getting somewhere then it would slide the other way and we were stuck...again. We tried calling Leonardo, but their one phone was turned off and as I dialed the 2nd number, I lost cellphone service and was not able to find it again. Alvarado came along and tried to help us as well, but we just weren't having much luck. Finally I asked him if he would be willing to bike out to Don Pedro and see if there was a tractor available to come and pull us out. He left and it started pouring and there was nowhere for all these wet, muddy girls to take refuge, so we huddled together. I knew Laura would be getting worried, but there was no way to contact her, because I couldn't seem to find cellphone service. The girls said "let's try pushing one more time" So back into the truck I climbed all muddy and wet, and we tried but to no avail. And as the story goes, our knight in a blue raincoat arrived on his white horse......He looked at us and kinda grinned, but asked if there was somewhere to tie a rope. He doubled up his 3/4" rope  and hooked it on the front of the truck.....and then tied it to the horse's TAIL!!! The girls all lined up along the back of the truck and when he said "ya" they pushed...I slowly left out the clutch and the horse pulled us.......right out of that mud puddle! I think everyone cheered. We unhooked the rope and the horse and his rider rode off into the dark night and this "gringa" and her group of girls praised the Lord and jumped onto and into the truck and headed for the house. As we were arriving we met Laura  walking towards us. She had decided to go to the neighbors to see if they would be willing to take her to LP, as she was sure we were stuck. We arrived home an hour late...tired, wet, hungry, but thankful. The next day the girls washed the truck after breakfast. We all had a great time together and made many great memories!
*Magdalena, Lanita Hess, and Deynaire

girls and I
*Mireyda, myself, Deynaire, and Katherin

Yaritza and Krista
*Krista Bowman and Yaritza

Cleaning the truck
*Cleaning the truck after its thrilling experience

The pictures above were just a few of the many pictures that I have from the sleepover that i had with the girls. 


On Saturday we were invited to the birthday party of Amy, the daughter of Hector & Iris. I was reminded once again why I don't like Nicaraguan birthday parties. They always play loud, beating music. Amy is pictured above with her father and a great-uncle. Hector and Iris used to live just down the farm lane, but have moved out to another farm where he is working.

Since the beginning of the month, three young ladies have joined the staff here in Nicaragua. Lanita Hess-PA and Krista Bowman-VA will be moving into the El Terrero house once they finish language school and Carmen Diem-SC will be moving into the girls' house in Leon. Please pray for these young ladies as they adjust to the culture, climate, and language here. Krista and Lanita are both pictured in this email.

Also pray for me as I prepare to leave and move back to PA. I fly out of Nicaragua on September 13th at 1:00PM. 

Until later, God bless! Andrea

Thursday, August 4, 2011

#41 Time is Flying By

The Cross Still Stands!
The winds of change still blow through history's pages. Each day reveals a world that's not the same. Thrones and powers rise and fall.
Bondage reigns then freedom calls, but for every generation Calvary still remains.

The Cross still stands - an invitation to the lost; a reminder of the cost we will never owe again.
The Cross still stands as a token of God's grace. Love's masterpiece will never be erased; the Cross still stands.

Written by Daryl Petersheim & sung by Garment of Praise

As I stood on the beach the other night and looked out across the water seeing the force that God has put in the ocean and seeing this cross standing there, remaining strong against the force of the water; I was reminded of the Cross that still stands for all of the world. That Cross has stood firm for more than 2000 years, even amidst many people's attempt to remove it and its influences from this world. If the Lord tarries yet a while longer, we as Christians know that the Cross will still remain strong. What are we doing to share the the blessing of this "cross"with those who we meet from day to day? With our eyes fixed on this Cross and the Savior who died for us on this Cross, we will be victorious.
Water students
The last month has flown by way too fast. The WATER students arrived on June 28 to spend the next 4 weeks with us. We received 4 students here at OBMM in Nicaragua. Here in El Tererro/La Palmerita area Levi Fisher from PA and Amy Freeman from Ontario spent the time with us. (They are picture on the right in the picture above) Ryan Skrivseth from SC and Kendra Horst from IN  (pictured to the left) stayed in Leon. For me, it was great to have a young lady in the house with me once again. And somehow it seems like unique situations always seem to find their way into your life when the WATER students are here. There were some minor truck issues - the exhaust come loose from the manifold and the windshield stop working. So for the next several days we drove around in a loud truck and cleared the windshield by attaching a rope to each wiper. It proved to be quite the experience and it took team work to keep the windshield clean amidst pouring rain.
playing with the children                          moving day
 We spent quite a bit of time in La Palmerita visiting people and just catching up on all their lives. One day we left the house at 9:00 and did not come home till 5:00. The main schedule for the day was to have the 3 regular Bible studies. Aside from that we wanted to do some visiting. During each class, Amy spent time with the children while I studied with the mother. We were able to visit a number of ladies that we hadn't seen for a while, which was so much of a blessing. We were also blessed by helping a young mother moved her meager belongings from one house to another. I was really touched after we had moved the things when the lady came to me with tears in her eyes and said "I can't pay you, but I know God will pay you" It was wonderful to be used of God in that way and to be able to minister to that family.
VBS                          VBS 2
Another special event we try to do each year with the WATER students is have a 1-day Vacation Bible School with the children in different communities. This year we decided to do it with the children of LA Palmerita and the ones from Delmar and Joel's neighborhood. This year for something different, the Leon staff planned the day in La Palmerita and the LP staff planned the day in Leon. The young people from Leon had a theme of "You Are Special" and they used Max Lucado's one storybook about Punchinello and his desire to have more and more. However the more he got, the more dissatisfied his became. As Eli told him, the Lord is also trying to tell each ones of us that we are special just as we are. We didn't really have a theme for our day, but it was also another great day. We acted out Zaccheus, Abraham and Isaac, and The Wise Man and the Foolish Man. There was a nice turnout at each location and we praise the Lord for the opportunity to share His love to those that came out to each activity.
We also took a trip to Waslala with the WATER students. I was looking forward to going, knowing that this will probably be the last time I would be able to go before I returned to the States in September. It proved to be a very memorable trip - one that won't easily be forgotten. There were a few of us that had been to Waslala before and knew the way or so we thought. To make a long story short, we made a wrong turn and drove for about an hour and half before we stopped and asked someone. However we were able to get some really beautiful pictures. Pablo's were not around this time, so we had the privilege of spending time with Alvino & Edna Miller and their family. 
Alvino giving a nature lesson
They showed us around Waslala and took us out to Kusili. We stopped at Pablo's to see his snakes and monkeys. I had a little fellow, Zambo who insisted on following me around and hanging on me. We then headed out of town, stopping first at Marcos's house to see his brother-in-laws making "gelatinas." Marcos is Alvino's son that is married to Karla, a native Nicaraguan. They lived in Waslala but at the current time are in the States. His wife's family lives in their home there and continue to make "gelatina - jellos" to sell to the people in Waslala. From there we went to see Pablo's birds at the Laguna's place beside the Jicaral church. We then went out to Kusili to Steven & Daisy's for lunch. While we waited on lunch we went down to the river and rode on Timo's cable swing that he made to cross the river. We spent some time with Daisy before heading back to Waslala. On the way back, we stopped at Jonathan's and hiked back to the waterfall. It was quite an experience with me sitting in the mud more than once. Alvino also showed us the cocoa trees that Jonathan has there. He broke one open and showed it to us (pictured above). It was a great time and I enjoyed it so much. 
Dentist visit
Just a little picture for you - I'm pleased to introduce you to a Nicaraguan dentist office. For less the $15, I was  able to have a tooth filled.
Amy and I
One of the few pictures that Amy and I have together.

Thank you for all your prayers! Andrea

PS: For those of you who may have wonder what happened to me and why you haven't heard lately. Well it is because my computer has been having issues and I have to borrow a computer to type emails.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

#40 Giggles...tall brothers...girls' class

Pics for Updates1-2
Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.Exodus 4:12
And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24
The above two verses have become a precious promise and mean so much to me. As I have spent time talking with various people and teaching different classes in the last week, I have been challenged and my faith has increased as the Lord gave me the words and answers to many difficult questions that came my way as I explained fornication and adultery to a young lady or told the story of Jonah to a class full of energetic little “gems.” Gems in the kingdom of God, but sometimes little terrors in the classroom. So often you think you have studied every angle to the subject, only to be challenged and questioned from another angle. However we serve a powerful God and He is waiting to help us! When we feel as Moses, we need to step out in faith. He has promised to be with our mouth and will teach us!
A little way to make a day exciting is to invite two 8 year-old girls to your house for an afternoon. I kinda forgot how giggly little girls can get and that almost anything can start them into a giggling fit. Noilyn, a little girl from La Palmerita asked me if she could come out and spend some time at my house the other Sunday. After talking with Christine, we decided to tell her that she may come out and spend time with Megan. After lunch, they colored, drew pictures, played games, and did whatever they could find to do in my house. We sat in the hammocks and sang for a while as well. I think they both had so much fun. I enjoyed sitting back and watching them occupy themselves. It gave them each something different to do for the day.
Pics for Updates1-1
    My family had made plans a while back and had bought tickets to come visit. The day finally arrived and this time we weren’t going to pick up other staff’s family, but we were headed to the airport for my family. It had not been that long since I had seen my family, but I was so excited that the opportunity had finally arrived to be able to show my family around the place where I have spent almost 2 years. They brought with them a wheelchair for Franklin, a little boy who we think has cerebral palsy. Thank you to all the people who were involved in one way or another in making it possible for this little boy to receive this wheelchair. My entire family went with me to deliver it to Franklin and his mother Maria. The smile that came to his face as we sat him in the wheelchair for the first time was priceless. His mother couldn’t stop saying “thank you.” It was a blessing to her and hopefully will make it easier for her to bring him to church.
    We went to visit neighbors and former neighbors while my family was here. Hector & Iris had moved out beyond church, so one morning we drove out to their place to drop off some things and visit them. My mother wanted a picture of my baby sister Miranda and Amy, but Miranda refused to do it unless I stood with her. My dad and brothers did some concrete work while they were here. When it would rain the water would channel around the tool shed and puddle in front of it. They poured a concrete pad to make it nicer when it rains. They helped put up a fence around the church yard to hopefully keep the animals out. The night before they headed back to PA, I finally had time to catch my horse and let them all have a ride. I think they all enjoyed it, because they didn’t want me to unsaddle her. When I talked to Miranda on the phone, she told me to bring my horse homeSmile
Pasture fences have more than one use in Nicaragua. It seemed like the wash lines were always full, but what do you expect with laundry for 16 people ( 2 families) and only 5 short wash lines??
Tall brothers are also good for more than just picking on their “little” big sister. Somehow through the course of the evening, all the house keys got locked in my bedroom. He jumped on the table and grabbed one of the beams and hoisted himself onto the wall and pulled up the ceiling tile and dropped down onto my bed and opened the door. I have so many good memories of the time spent with 10 people (my family) all in my house.
Pics for Updates1
Girls’ class had a total of 7 girls today. That is a class record breaker since the class has started. It now consists of 4 girls from La Palmerita and 3 girls from El  Tererro. Their names are Belki (brown shirt), Rosibel (white/green shirt), Noelia (standing-grey shirt), Magdalena (red shirt), Yaritza (white shirt – top picture), Katherine (peach shirt), and Deynaire (white shirt-bottom picture). Please pray for each of these girls that they would continue to open their hearts to the Lord and desire to become godly young women. Please pray for wisdom for me as I am used of God as their teacher on Saturday mornings. At the current time, we are studying the Pilgrim's Progress. For projects, some girls are embroidering and others are painting.
Thank you for your prayers and continue to lift the staff to the throne of grace. Each of your prayers are felt and give us the boost we need as we are working in the field of the Heavenly Father.
In His Service, Andrea

Thursday, June 9, 2011

#39 Birthdays, Street Ministry

In the harvest field, now ripened, there’s a work for all to do. Hark, the Master’s voice is calling. To the harvest, calling you.
Does the place you’re called to labor seems so small and little-known. It is great if God is in it and He won’t forsake His Own.
Little is much when God is in it. Labor not for wealth or fame. There’s a crown and you can win it. If you’ll go in Jesus’ name.
When the conflict here has ended and our race on earth is run. He will say, if you’ve been faithful,
“Welcome home! Welcome home! Welcome home, my child. Well done!”
    As I was sitting at my computer sorting pictures and preparing them for another update, the song above was playing and it challenged me in many ways – Little is much if God is in it. I know too often for me, I expect something large and grand to take place, but I am reminded that little steps are just as great if God is in them. Each change, big or small, is worth it all. May each of you be challenged to continue shining for God and serving Him wholly, even if you feel like your part is little and insignificant.
Pics for Updates1
    We try to have a joint church activity on each 5th Sunday. Sometimes we all go somewhere and play games or sometimes we sing in Central in Leon. That is just what we did on the 29th. We all met at Palabra de Vida (Leon church) around 4:00 and then loaded into 2 trucks and went to Central. The majority of us gathered in a group under a large tree and began to sing. Two native brethren took “Para Ti” (Just for You) tracts and began walking along handing them out to the people that were there, whether they were street vendors or whoever they came in contact with. We had people that stopped and listened to us as we sang songs of Christ and His love for us. We had several people stop and take pictures of us as we stood there. After spending about 1 hour there, it is amazing how many people pass through. We may never know here on this earth how many lives were touched by the songs. But even if one soul was brought to the Lord, it was worth it.
Pics for Updates1-1
    After spending the afternoon in Central, we all returned to the community center/social hall that adjoins the Palabra de Vida Church. The ladies from Leon had prepared a supper for all that had come out to sing. We had gallopinto, salad, and tajadas (fried plantain chips) and finished off the meal with a piece of birthday cake. Angie’s birthday was also that day, so Andrea B had made several cakes to help celebrate her birthday. Afterward everyone hung around playing games and talking. I helped play several rounds of Golf (a card game with Skip-bo cards) The children had fun playing with Legos and little puppets that were in the closet there.
    I spent that night in Leon as I had an appointment with an ophthalmologist the following day to open and drain a stye-like lump on my right eyelid. I had the procedure done almost 3 years ago and the doctor had told me it is highly possible that I could get them back. I didn’t have any problems, but while I was home for my last visit in the States, my eyelid started getting puffy and sore. I hoped it was just a stye and would go away. I returned to Nicaragua and it still didn’t get any better. It started getting bigger and became more irritating. Jason recommended a clinic in Leon and I went and the doctor told me what it was and that if it didn’t clear up after a week of drops and ointment that he gave me, he would need to open it and drain it. Well it didn’t clear up so May 30th found Denise and I headed to his office to have it drained. (Here’s a little cultural difference: He saw another patient before he took me into the office, however he came out into the waiting room and put in drops to numb my eyelid. Not something that you would find in the States.)  Once I was in the office, he out in some more drops to continue numbing it. Once he got started, everything was going fine till he clamped a little device to my eyelid to hold it open. My ears started closing on me and I became all clammy and I felt all panicky. I could still hear the doctor asking me questions, but I couldn’t answer. I finally was able to squeak out a faint “sí” when he asked me if I was dizzy.  Within seconds, he had my feet elevated, a fan blowing full force over me, and was wiping sweat off my face and giving me some water to drink. It scared me a little, but he was able to finish the procedure. The whole thing tired me out Sleepy smile but I just had to laugh when I saw myself in a mirror later on Smile He patched it all up with such a thick patch, I couldn’t even wear my glasses. But praise the Lord for the wisdom he has granted to the doctors. My eyelid looks normal now and it didn’t even turnblack & blue!
Pics for Updates1-4
    The above clouds have been becoming part of the normal from day to day. We haven’t yet had as much rain this year as last year, but it rains a little every couple days. On Tuesday as we spent time in La Palmerita, we watched big black clouds coming towards us. They continued to move closer and soon Momotombo was totally hid from view. You couldn’t even see a faint outline. Wednesday afternoon as we were waiting for church to start, it began to thunder and lighten. Before church even got started, it began to pour. I had taken the children into the classroom, but it was raining that hard that I needed to shout. We tried to sing a few songs, after which I had prayer. I gave them coloring pages and whenever the rain would let up, I would tell a little bit of the story. They listened very well and were able to answer the questions. The water had begun to seep into the Sunday School building before the rain began to let up. Everything looked so fresh and clean after the rain.
Pics for Updates1-3
    On Monday, we all made a trip to Leon. The doctor wanted me to come back to look at my eyelid and make sure it is healing properly. After my visit, I tried to call Randy’s to find where they were, but had no success. I was waiting at the San Juan bus stop, when Denise and Yesenia walked up. They, of course, wanted to know what I was up to. I didn’t have much of anything in mind, other than to get out of the rain. They invited to join them on their morning outing. I had a great time with them and we topped off the morning with a stop at La Rosita for lunch. While Denise and Yesenia studied together, I answered some emails and caught up with some friends and family.
    On Tuesday, Christine and I braved a trip to the local health center with Owen to get some of his immunizations. I had only ever visited this clinic a few times before, but was just going along and not actually being the main person to try and communicate with the nurse. The dear nurse kept calling Owen a little girl. the poor little guy received 4 immunizations. Two were shots and two were given in a liquid by mouth. Never know that you can be immunized by a liquid taken by mouth. They of course had to weigh him and measure him to make sure that he is growing.
    Tuesday was the first opportunity that we had to take Christine along to La Palmerita for Tuesday classes. Keith & Christine have a break from Spanish classes this week, so we invited her to come along with us and see what our Tuesdays in Palmerita are like. This week we only had 2 classes as one of the ladies was not at  home to receive class. I am hoping to go out on Thursday afternoon if everything works out. We were able to visit some people that we had not seen in a long time and it was great to be out there once again. I think the part that made it so much fun for me was that all the ladies (Laura, Christine, and Megan) were along.
Pics for Updates1-2
    The other night at church Juancito was giving Franklin a ride on the horse. Little Franklin is such a happy little guy. We think he possibly has cerebral palsy. At the current time, some people are working at getting a stroller of some type for his mother to use to transport him to and from church because he is getting so heavy for her to carry. One morning I came over to the other house to find Nick and Hans trying to walk around in Jason’s boots. Nick could do it pretty good, other than when he had to lift his foot up onto the porch. However Hans didn’t have much till he was flat on his face. Nick had a birthday on June 1st, so we invited the neighbors to come up and celebrate with him. L aura made 2 cakes and we served Pepsi as well. Nick turned 4.
Pics for Updates1-5
And once again there are some new babies on the little farm. Randy’s pelibueys each gave birth. Sombra had a little female and Biscuit had a little female and a little male. Oh and those little mothers are so possessive of their little ones. You get too close and they start stumping their feet.
That is all I have for now. The next update will possibly be late, as my parents and siblings arrive next Wednesday for a 1-1/2 week visit. I am looking forward to introducing them to my friends and show them around the area.
Until the next time! God bless!

Committed to His Service, Andrea

Thursday, May 26, 2011

#38 Moving Day, Zoo

Greetings to all of you in the name of our Precious Lord and Saviour. I pray that this finds you all doing well and serving our Lord with all your mind, soul, and body.
052611 update-4
    Each week continues to bring something new and leaves many memories behind when the week has closed. One of those memories was making a new friend. I had to come the whole way to Nicaragua just to meet a young lady, Hannah Stauffer (pictured bottom right with her father Glenn), who lives only a couple minutes from my house on Hopeland Road. And to add to that is that my dad knows her dad and has worked with him on jobs. We live in such a small world! Another happening that gave us some laughs was a truck that left us set along the road...Ooops! One Sunday afternoon we were headed to Leon for an afternoon/evening at the beach when we found ourselves stranded by the road. The problem........an empty gas tank! The gas gauge on the white truck has not worked for a while, so we had no way of knowing that we were running on “E.” We were not far out of Leon, so Richard came with the other truck and pulled us to the closest gas station (pictured top left). We arrived on the beach a little later than planned, but we were able to enjoy the water. It was such a beautiful afternoon and the water was the calmest that I have seen in a long time. Hans was a little cold after getting out of the water, as you can see, but he was enjoying the water as well. After he was all dried off, he soon got wet again. He just couldn’t seem to stay away. To finish off the evening, we made a campfire on the beach and roasted some wonderfully, scrumptious sausages that the Ephrata Menn Seniors brought along. The final touch of the evening was some songs sung by a quartet made up of the 3 senior guys and Daryl Weaver – a teacher. It was a wonderful end to a great day. The quartet also blessed the children’s class with some songs that they learned in Spanish.
052611 update-2
    Once again, here are some more pictures of the continuous work at Randy & Laura’s house. However, as usual till I send the pictures the house does look quite different. Some of her kitchen cabinets are now on the wall. The top picture was of one of the first cabinets to be mounted on the wall. In the bottom left, Benito is laying the shower tile. The shower is now completely finished, however the water pressure isn’t the best, so hopefully in a couple weeks they well get that taken care of. One afternoon and evening, I went out to the house to help Laura finish up the painting in their bedroom and the kitchen. We finished up around 9:00-9:30 and  then got the house partially set-up so they could stay there that night.
052611 update-3
    As you can see above, it was moving day. Randy & Laura were able to move into their house on Friday. Praise the Lord - the rains didn’t provide too much of a problem and they were able to get the majority of their things moved to the house. They still have several things here in my house that they will move once they have more cupboard space, but they have the necessities in their new house.On the one trip to the house I was on the back of the truck holding a rope attached to Ranchita – the dog, so  she wouldn’t try to jump off the truck and run back to the house. They kept her tied for several days and then they left her loose. She stayed around at their new house until the other day when we were all went to Managua. We returned to the El Tererro house to find that Ranchita waiting for us. She apparently ran home sometime during that day. Smile However we didn’t have such success with the cat. He jumped out the truck window as we drove down the road.
    To add to everything, Laura was making lunch for the men last Saturday and cut her finger while chopping carrots. I was in LP at the time having girls’ class, when Randy came to get me to watch the boys so he could taking her to the clinic in Malpaisillo. The poor little boys set up a wailing when their parents left, but they soon calmed down and I finished the lunch and got them down for naps. I then set to organizing and cleaning up the house. The boys were still asleep when Randy & Laura got back at 2:00. They put 3 stitches in  her finger, gave her a tetanus shot, and some oral antibiotics.
052611 update
    At first, it seemed a little strange to have so many children around here in El Tererro, but now it seems like a “new” normal. One day this week, I had the pleasure of a young girl’s (Megan) help to clean my house and get it re-organized, since Randy’s moved to their new house. It is always so much more fun when you have someone to help you with it. I still can’t figure out how a house can get so dirty with one person, though it has started raining so there isn’t so much dust anymore. Little Eva kept me company one morning while her parents were in language class. I was typing some emails and she was sitting on the flour talking to me and playing with her stickers. Baby Owen has a cold, but he is such a happy camper after a long nap. He lays there smiling at everything and cooing. It amazing how much he has been growing since they have come. Babies just don’t stay little Smile And then Riley, Nick, and Hans – a naughty combination. What one doesn’t think of, the other one will. And I have never seen such dirty little boys – they have so much fun and they are so forgiving. One moment they can be so mad at the other one and the next they have totally forgotten what just happened.
052611 update-1
    On Tuesday Randy’s and Keith’s decided to take the day off and go to Managua. The first stop of the day was the Zoo. I am so much a child at heart – it was so much fun to be there and see all the animals. Just seeing all the animals just reminds of the Creative God that we serve – the brightly colored birds, the elegant peacock, the spotted leopards, the striped anteaters. There is so much beauty around us, but it doesn’t even compare closely to the beauty that will surround us in Heaven. The children all enjoyed the animals as well. We had lunch at Papa John’s before heading to the Masaya marketplace to do some hammock shopping. It was a great day, but everyone was ready to get home.
    On the church end, there are encouragements and disappointments as always. On Wednesday night, we had a full church – an attendance of 60 adults and children with 45 of them being natives. I had prepared for 20 children and till all was said and done, there was 19 children in the class. There were some children there that had not been to church in a long time. It was a blessing to see them all again and to spend time with them. I always enjoy teaching so much more when there is more, even though they can get pretty rowdy at times. Smile 
    Johana was at church on Wednesday night as well. We need to continue lifting her to the throne of grace. She came to church with her veil on, which took us all by surprise because it is the first we have seen her with it on since she had taken it off and had stopped  coming to church a while back. However she is not wearing it in the house and throughout the week. She said that she doesn’t need to wear when she is in the house. It is only when she goes to special services, such as a church service. She is so deceived and still thinks that she is not living in sin. She has told us that she has repented and wants to do the things of God. Please pray for her that she would sense her need to submit to the Lord in all areas of her life and  that she would realize that it needs to be a total commitment.
    Thank you for all your prayers! I would love to hear from some of you again!
Committed to His Service, Andrea