Friday, December 7, 2012

Drawing to a close...

Not only is the year 2012 drawing to a close, but for me personally my first year of college is just about over. Scoping out the past year:

~ the Lord by my side, through thick and thin ~
~ the opportunity to attend a local college ~
~ the blessing of new friends ~
~the vast amount of knowledge that has been revealed to me, much of which will benefit future classes and Lord willing, my future job ~
~ the ever-present reminder in Biology class of how fearfully and wonderfully we are made ~

Studying for upcoming exams are calling!



  1. Where did you get the artwork in front of the books? I really like the saying on it!

    1. It was given to me when I lived in Nicaragua, but you can find them here: . It has blessed and encouraged me in so many ways when it seemed like the light in the tunnel was getting dimmer instead of brighter.


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